Thursday, March 25, 2010

To Those in Power

Dear Police Officer,

Please do not tell me to "have a nice day" after giving me a speeding ticket. (That took you a half hour to write up while my baby was screaming in the back seat--hence the speeding to get home.) It is like gloating. And I find it to be rude.



Kelsey Norwood said...

Shoot. You know, when I am driving fast to get home because a baby is screaming in the back seat, I always think, If I get pulled over for speeding, the police officer will obviously have compassion on me and my screaming child and will quickly send us on our way, no harm done. It's what they should learn in police school. Heartless peace keeper!

Mark and Lachelle said...

Must have been the same officer that pulled Mark over for going through a yellow light. And yes, it was YELLOW. He was out of the intersection before it turned red. And I was prego at the time and not feeling good, and just wanted to get home. But the officer didn't give a crap! He still wrote up the ticket. JERKS!