Friday, June 11, 2010

One Week to One

We are a week away from Charlie's big day, and boy has she reached some big milestones. In fact, she learned three new things in three days.

First, I need to announce that I have an official toddler at my home. Charlie took her first steps on Tuesday. I think my celebration after she did it was a bit confusing for her, but I was just so excited for her. She had been taking one step with her left leg for a few days but that right leg was just too hard for her to move. Maybe that is the leg she stores all her fishy crackers in--I swear she eats too many of those for her tiny digestive system to handle. Since Tuesday she has gotten up to about six steps in a row now and is loving it. She is very proud of herself.

The next day she learned how to give high fives. She loves giving high fives so much that she uses both hands and gives you a high ten.

Then the next day she learned how to give kisses. This is my favorite. She gives nice, big, fat, open-mouthed kisses right on your lips. And today she has a runny nose, so you might get some snot mixed in there too, but I just think it is the most adorable thing. See, Charlie takes after her dad and doesn't show too much affection. Seth's mom always says she knew she was getting a lot of love from Seth when he would pat her on the back with one hand. No kisses, hugs, or cuddles were coming my way until two days ago, so I'm just happy to take them snot an all.

I'm hoping she learns something new today, too. I'm thinking I'll try potty training.


Jamie said...

way to go charlie! i think we need to see some video footage of her walking! i bet she looks so cute! oh...and i'd wait on the potty training, haha : ) it's hard...let me tell ya! i think after about 6 weeks sadie has finally got the hang of it. i can't believe she's going to be 1 so soon!

Marisa Jean said...

I love open-mouth kisses. They're sometimes nasty, but such a funny stage that I can't help but love it.

Kelsey said...

She's probably running by now - Boy, a year sure goes by fast!