Tuesday, July 06, 2010

July's Habit

I don't really want to discuss June's habit. Let's just say it is the first month that I feel like a failure. So, no I don't have rock hard abs. Let's just move on...

This month we are busy, busy, busy as usual. Just about every Saturday is already spoken for, so I was beginning to worry about how we would get anything done around here. So this month's habit is....trying to accomplish weekend chores throughout the week. If this works I am going to be so happy.

Seth and I have already made a list of things we want to accomplish this month that we would usually reserve for Saturdays. We are going to work on something every night so that when Saturday comes we can play all day without feeling guilty. We just started today by going outside and picking the weeds in our front yard. Tomorrow: sweeping out the garage. Yea for getting things done that would otherwise stay undone forever!


m. said...

I'm glad you messed up on a month. I was starting to worry about you ;).

Kelsey said...

Abs are overrated. Can't wait to start swimming again! Monday???