Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mini Me

Last month my mom forced me to take home all the boxes filled with my nicknacks and things from throughout my childhood years. Rude! But I took it like a lady and have been sorting through them for the past couple weeks. Among the My Little Ponies, Pixietails, Popples, and Cabbage Patch Kids was a box full of my clothes from when I was a baby. I put Charlie in a dress my mom made and headed off to church. Seth said she looked like a pioneer. I think she looked adorable.


Brittney said...

I vote adorable butter-churner!!! I love you and that Charlie is so adorable she could wear a paper bag and look great!

Sparklinbecks said...

Aw I think she looks so cute! She's workin those boots too!

Marisa Jean said...

You can have the best of both worlds--a cute pioneer. I'm here to help whenever you need me! ;)