Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sorry Dragon. Charlie Can't Play Today

Charlie has a new pet. It is a "nice" dragon. It has been following us everywhere lately.

Dragon Story No. 1: Today I accidentally shut the car door on it and hurt it. In fact I hurt him so bad that he had to go to the doctor. My bad! Charlie could not believe I was so MEAN.And Charlie insisted on him going to the REAL doctor. It took everything I had in me to get her to agree to taking him to the doctor in our kitchen.

Dragon Story No. 2: For our after-nap snack today I cut Charlie some apples. At first I forgot to get Dragon (whose name was Harry at first but has since changed to Belle) her own apples but remembered just before Charlie could turn my mistake into a tantrum-worthy affair. When Charlie finished her apples I told her she could go ahead and eat the dragon's apples. She could not believe how RUDE I was being. But once I explained that the dragon didn't really like apples, and that he wanted to eat her baby doll for his snack, she was willing to eat his apples.

Dragon Story No. 3: In the car yesterday we were driving home from the store and Charlie was talking, and talking, and talking as usual. I was responding with "oh, really" and "yep" and such without really paying attention. All of a sudden I got, "MOM! I NOT talking to you. I talking to the dragon." She was totally offended that I wasn't following along enough to get that. (In my defense I didn't know the dragon was in the car with us at the time. She usually lets me know.)

This imaginary pet has way too much sway on my daughter's emotions! I think I may just have to get a pet mommy dragon to tell Charlie's pet dragon to GO HOME!


Emily said...

Charlie is funny. That dragon sounds so needy!

Tiffany said...

Tricia, once again Charlie's imagination just astounds me. When you mentioned her dragon on the phone, I assumed it was a stuffed animal she was dragging everywhere! Amazing to keep up the imaginary thing that long and that aggressively! ;) I can't wait for the girls to all hang out this summer!