Friday, July 28, 2006

My Handyman

Over the past year and a half Seth and I have gotten good at fixing up our little condo. It isn’t like we’ve totally remodeled or anything; just some new paint here and a new light fixture there. But we really enjoy it. A couple weekends ago we tiled our bathroom, and I realized Seth is in the process of becoming a handyman. How could I tell, you ask? By the slight buttock cleavage you can see here:

Little Norge 2

And here:

Little Norge

This is the true measure of handymanliness. In a couple years from now I’m sure there will be a full two or three inches showing, and that will mean he has become a proper manly handyman.


dp said...

A true measure of a man.

Paige said...

Hey, married couples really DO start to look alike!